Product descriptions, e-mail drip campaign copy, and all site copy, including the About Us (below) for MBOX.Co, which sells curated gift box sets for groomsmen.

About Us:

This is how it’s supposed to work: we give gifts because they allow us to express things without the trouble of having to say them out loud. Thanks. Sorry. Congratulations. For groomsmen, it’s pretty specific: Out of everyone I know, I chose you guys.

Far too often groomsmen gifts are treated as obligations instead of opportunities, another wedding prep item to tick off of the checklist. We get it: there’s a lot to plan. We founded MBOX Co. to make gifting both an easier and more memorable experience. You chose your groomsmen carefully, and their gifts should be just as thoughtful.

We scout small brands, design houses, and innovators that make some of the best gear in the world. We look for superior craftsmanship and love products with good stories. From there, we carefully pick our favorites and assemble them into curated boxes with every type of guy in mind—whether they’re an outdoorsman, a creative, a businessman, a style hound, or whomever else. And since we get pretty excited about freedom and personalization, we’ve made it painless to design a custom box that’s the perfect fit for your group.

On the biggest day of your life, these are the men who will stand beside you. That’s a big deal. So when the time is right, pour a drink for each of your groomsmen, give them a gift they’ll love, and raise a glass to yet another lifelong memory.