Boss Fight Books

Boss Fight Books, founded in Los Angeles in June 2013, publishes great books about classic video games. Each of these books takes a critical, creative, historical, and personal look at a single game. To date, they’ve raised $98,615 in Kickstarter funds alone across two campaigns—to cover two “seasons” of book releases—and each new release continues to garner as much critical acclaim as the one before it.

Ken Baumman (Solip, Earthbound) and Adam Robinson (Publishing Genius Press) were the principal designers of Boss Fight’s look, long before I came along. But as a fan (and a guy who has plenty of nostalgia over having played many of these games as a kid), I was pleased to be invited to help out in late 2015.

Thus far, I’ve headed page design for Alyse Knorr’s Super Mario Bros. 3, Derek Yu’s Spelunky, and the second edition of Michael P. William’s Chrono Trigger.